Unique Industrial Products Company Limited (UIPS) is one the leading distributors of TIJ printers in Thailand for industrial purpose which have been trusted and appointed as representative by DOMINO and WEBER (Germany).

With more than 13 years of experience in TIJ printer and more than 100 customers who have trusted in our product and service, we can provide professional team that is ready to serve you on 24 hours basis.

In addition, the company has been entrusted to be distributor of worldwide recognized products for processing and packaging machinery in food and pharmaceutical industry such as

  • STILMAS Water treatment System: the leader in Pharmaceutical Water System of PW, WFI, PSG and distribution loop system.
  • STERILINE: Aseptic & Injection Filled and Finishing Machine.
  • LAST Technology: Autoclave, Hot air oven, Batch Washing machine for infection control.
  • OPTREL: Leak testing and visual inspection machine.
  • AVA: Turbulent action for Sterilization Mixer Vacuum Drying Machine.

Our company also conducts professional after sale service in terms of consultancy, training and equipment maintenance for maximize customer benefit and system efficiency.

The company has projects to developing operation.

To cover area with high potential demand, UIPS has performed on-going projects to increase point of sale and services so that all customers could get fast and effective service conveniently.

Creating satisfaction for customers.

The company has conducted customer data base system to analyst and follow up each customer requirement for fast respond in a timely manner.